Hull of a House

Meet the Staff: Amanda


Manda gets the job done

Today’s featured staff member is Amanda, who has been here longer than almost all of us!  Amanda began her work at the museum as a docent while she was a UIC student studying Art History.  She returned to us later as an education staff member, and thank goodness for that– she knows Hull-House history like the back of her hand and can wrangle a rowdy school group like no other.

What are you currently working on at Hull-House?

I am the Education Coordinator’s assistant, which means most of my work is tour related. Recently, I was given the chance to research many of the former residents of Hull-House. The great part about this project is knowing that many of these people’s stories will be shared in our future exhibit.

What do you like about this work and what are the challenges?

I absolutely love what I do! I started out at Hull-House as a docent when I was still a student at UIC. I love telling the Hull-House story to visitors and I am proud to say that I work here.

What is your favorite artifact in the museum?

I have to say my favorite artifact would be the Maps and Papers project. It was a study lead by Florence Kelley that exposed the conditions of the neighborhood around Hull-House. I always find myself learning something new about the study both from research and tour groups.
What do you do when you aren’t hard at work?
I just got married in October, so 2009 was a super crazy year for me and my husband. The last few months have just been about moving into our own place and settling in. In my spare time I’ve been working with a friend to start up a boutique and sell crafty baby clothes.
What is your all-time favorite museum?
One of my all-time favorite museums is a Wizard of Oz museum in Indiana. It started out as a gift shop called “The Yellow Brick Road” but over time became a small museum that carries all Wizard of Oz memorabilia. It is the first museum that I can ever remember visiting.

If you were a Hull-House resident, who would you be?

If I had to pick one resident, I think it would have to be Charlotte Carr. She was the director of Hull-House after Jane Addams’ death and was most well know for smoking cigars and drinking cocktails in what once was Jane Addams’ bedroom!