Hull of a House

The Hidden Collection


A visit to off-site storage is always a wonderful way to see more of the Hull-House Collection. On a recent trip to the warehouse, Mike, Amy, and Teresa set off to find artifacts for the new exhibition.

Although we had ideas in mind for which objects to retrieve, we stumbled upon many mementos that sparked our imagination about creative ways to celebrate the rich history of the Reformers, Residents, and Neighbors of Hull-House. We ran across several wonderful objects, now under consideration for display.

For example, Mike discovered an exuberant elevator sign, which could be used to frame the future lift in the Museum.

Amy uncovered a fanciful sofa that, with a touch of restoration, could serve as a place for visitors to sit and read from the Library and ponder the influences of Hull-House.

Teresa chanced on some table lamps that would be amazing additions to the Museum space, bringing aglow the exhibition and architectural features of the House.

Lastly, we shared enthusiasm over a small, green table with expandable leaves, a whimsical illustration for the Mary Crane Nursery School.

We are only scratching the surface of the Collection. More exciting objects are sure to come! Look for future previews of artifacts here on the blog. Of course, if you have a memento of your favorite Hull-House Reformer, please share by posting comments. We’d love to hear from you!